New executive appointments announced at Emirates Transport Technology Solutions


Marketing and Communications Department – Dubai:

Emirates Transport Technology Solutions (ETTS), a subsidiary of Emirates Transport, has implemented new appointments to the company’s senior executive management.

The new appointments include Ghanim Eid Bin Wogayeh as the Board Chairman of the Company, and Ahmed Hassan Yaqoot as its CEO, coinciding with the company’s continued expansion and ongoing presence in the field of digital solutions and smart mobility. The new amendments will be effective as of 15 July 2021.

These appointments come as an investment in technology solutions for integrated transportation and digital services, as Ghanim Eid Bin Wogayeh Al Falasi previously worked in advanced positions in the field of business development, especially his leadership roles in Emirates Transport, while Hassan Yaqoot worked as an Acting General Manager of Emirates Transport Technology Solutions.

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ghanim Eid, praised the previous leadership efforts in taking the company further in pioneering positions in its fields of work in the local and regional markets, stressing the importance of building on the progress achieved and continuing to work towards new strategic horizons that align with the rapid technological changes in the field of transportation.

Also, Ahmed Hassan Yaqoot, the new CEO of the company, expressed his gratitude for the trust vested in him, saying: “It is my great pleasure to have the honour of leading the team of Emirates Transport Technology Solutions in the next phase of the company’s growth journey, in continuation of previous successes, by focusing on creating innovative and state-of-the-art transportation technology solutions that meet the aspirations of our customers both in the government and private sectors, and work on developing and sustaining customer activities and expanding the market base in the field of smart mobility.”

Yaqoot explained that the company is currently providing technical and digital solutions that provide safety, ensure the effectiveness of operations in a flexible manner and meet the requirements of the customer along his journey in various transportation services, given that the systems operate on more than (14,000) different vehicles in the UAE alone.  Also, the current company’s business portfolio covers a group of technical services and technology specialized in the field of onshore and offshore oil and gas services and facilities, GPS and telecommunications equipment with the provision of maintenance services. Its activities also help it expand in the field of data and information centre infrastructure, and provide specialized technical support.

To sustain the company’s previous achievements of providing school buses with cameras and security systems for more than 7,000 school buses, the company provides smart tracking system solutions for more than 2,000 vehicles of various activities serving a wide range of companies operating in the government and private sectors, that exceed 50 entities and companies.

Emirates Transport Technology Solutions (ETTS) is also the largest provider of operating systems and digital meter devices for taxis, covering 80% of the taxi fleet in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with more than 4,500 vehicles. It also cooperates with diverse car companies such as Al Naboodah, Al Futtaim, Daimler, and Ashok, providing their vehicles with cutting-edge smart transport systems, approved and licensed as per the UAE’s regulations, as it is considered the first choice provider of safety requirements for passengers. The company aims to develop its business portfolio locally and regionally in line with the rapid technical changes in this field.

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