Auto Inspections

Emirates Transport provides inspection services for vehicles of all kinds, including heavy trucks, through the use of the latest technologies and devices available, including the latest mobile testing apparatus, which provides on-location vehicle inspection services, at all emirates in the UAE. We also offer Al Maha system to check the exhaust, brakes and tires.

The workshops also offer technical examination for purposes of modifying of the vehicle’s data, under the supervision of Abu Dhabi Traffic Police.

The technical inspection stations for heavy vehicles (Aman) is considered responsible for the safety of road users and the entity authorized to fully examine vehicles, and the issuance of certificates to confirm their suitability for road use.

The service is provided through stations in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, Mazyad in Al Ain, and Zayed station in the Western Region.

Services also include examination of the vehicle structure (chassis) of used vehicles, all technical procedures for export of light and heavy vehicles and machinery, in addition to service certificates to change the colour and type of vehicle service, insurance for vehicles and manufacture of number plates.

Emirates Transport also provides axle weights services for trucks, in Mussafah and Sih Shuaib in Abu Dhabi, Ghweifat in the Western Region, and Khatam Al Shakla in Al Ain.

These service stations play a pivotal role in the application of international standards (according to maximum limits permitted with respect to length, width and height, gross weight and maximum weight) on trucks and trailers used on the roads, and monitoring the weights of trucks, which contribute to the full implementation of the terms and conditions of safety on the roads.​