Buildings & Facilities

Emirates Transport offers specialized assistance services include cleaning, correspondence, assistance, hospitality, security, technical and electrical maintenance, and agricultural maintenance such as gardening, as well as other services related to facilities such as switchboard operators, receptionists and data entry personal in addition to providing labour services.
Through the provision of these services the corporation aims to allow the client to concentrate on his/her core tasks by providing a work environment boosted by supporting services. 
Also, among the goals of these services is the improvement of services provided to reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and to consolidate the concepts of health and safety, and preserving the environment, amidst professional ranks.
The corporation is committed to international specifications and standards including in areas of quality, health and safety, preserving the environment and to the provision of the required technologies, tools, equipment and devices, along with operational supervision through careful monitoring and continued follow-up, and whatever else is necessary to free-up the client so he/she will be able to carry out their principal tasks.