Emirates Transport honours BEEAH at the first forum of the “Distinguished Client” initiative


Emirates Transport (ET) honoured its strategic partner, BEEAH Group, during the first forum of the “Distinguished Client” initiative, which was held at the company’s branch in the Juwaiza area in Sharjah.

A total of 31 employees were honoured on the day, including drivers and auto workshop technicians, in addition to honouring the event’s sponsors.

Senior executives from both companies came together for the forum along with their delegations of employees. The delegation from Emirates Transport was led by AbdelHamid Sba, Chief MRO Officer, whilst the team from BEEAH Group and BEEAH Tandeef, the Group’s waste collection and city cleaning vertical, were led by Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, CEO of BEEAH Tandeef.

In his opening speech, Sba expressed his delight at organising the first forum of the “Distinguished Client” initiative, launched by the company to honour its strategic partners, and to celebrate the fruits of the successful partnership between Emirates Transport and BEEAH Group, which dates back to 2018.

The Chief MRO Officer also praised the employees who were honoured at the event, saying: “Along with their work colleagues, these outstanding employees constitute the cornerstone of the partnership’s enduring success, and thanks to their sincere and distinguished efforts we were able to upgrade and improve the services we provide to our partner.”

For his part, Mr. Lopez from BEEAH said: “I would like to thank Emirates Transport for launching the “Distinguished Client” initiative, which recognises the accomplishments of our employees and our collaboration. We take great pride in the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment of our employees to our core values, which have been instrumental in making our partnership with Emirates Transport a resounding success. We celebrate their achievements with immense pride and gratitude.”

During the ceremony, 20 drivers working for BEEAH Group were honoured for their outstanding performance, in addition to 11 auto workshop technicians working for Emirates Transport, who provide maintenance services under the contract between the two parties.

Representatives of the companies and institutions sponsoring the forum were also honoured before a luncheon was served. This was followed by a meeting for CEOs and managers to discuss ways to strengthen relations. Under the contract between the two sides, Emirates Transport provides preventive maintenance and repair services for the group’s vehicles in a number of emirates and regions of the country.

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