Bus Supervisors

Emirates Transport provides school bus supervisors on board each bus rented at the behest of the school, with the aim of maintaining security and safety of students and offer a professional alternative to practices of disordered and unregulated mass transport.
The number of supervisors on school buses currently stands at more than 2,457 bus supervisors, of whom 1,357 supervisors throughout the Abu Dhabi Education Council areas of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region and 1,100 in the rest areas and educational offices in the UAE.
Emirates Transport takes every precaution when choosing bus supervisors, making sure they meet the strict security requirements and have no record of any complaints or observations made against them. Other appointment conditions also include a good psychological evaluation, exemplary conduct, particularly around children.
Before their recruitment, drivers must also sign a pledge to treat all children in an ethical and professional manner, and in accordance with the laws and regulations, and to strictly adhere to all safety and work procedures such as making sure of the safety of children at all times from the time they board the bus to the time they disembark.

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