Office of the CEO

The General Manager (H.E. Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman)

Brief introduction:

  • An Emirati leader and expert with 32 years of professional experience in finance, investments, corporate leadership, and strategic thinking and planning.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Transport since 2007.
  • A previous member of the Board at Ajman Public Transport Corporation (currently the Ajman Transport Authority).
  • He chairs the board of directors at two of ET’s subsidiary companies and heads a number of ET’s strategic corporate committees.
  • He joined Emirates Transport in 1988.
  • He has a BA in Accounting from the Faculty of Administrative and Political Sciences – UAE University, in 1988.
  • He possesses many academic and professional certificates including the Certificate of Strategic Leadership Programme, from the of UAE Leaders Programme.
  • Winner of the Middle East Business Leaders Award (MEBLA) for 2015, organized by the American Leadership Development Association (ALDA) – in cooperation with Leaders International magazine – in the category of ‘Leadership Excellence in Public Service Transformation’.
  • Winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) – UAE, in 2016.
  • Winner of Al Nisr Al Arabi (Arab Eagle) Award in Public Administration in 2017, organized by the Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards in the Arab Region.
  • Winner of the Successful Leader in Business Excellence award at the 2017 BIZZ Awards.


Current Positions:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Transport since November 2007.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emirates Transport Technology Solutions.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emirates National Facilities Management.
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Shurooq Al Emarat company.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi-Emirati Integrated Transport Company (SEITCO).

Conferences and Forums:

Al Jarman is actively participating in many conferences, forums, and workshops in various fields, including:

  • Governance and Risk Management.
  • The World Governmental Summit, on an annual basis.
  • The 7th Meeting for Accounting and Integration.
  • The 1st And 2nd Meetings for The UAE Government Leaders.
  • Strategic Leadership.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Strategic Creativity.
  • Behavioural Leadership Skills for Managers.
  • Financial Analysis and Its Effect in Taking Decisions.
  • Management of Comprehensive Quality.
  • Measuring Business Performance.
  • Strategic Management of Information Systems.

Affiliate Departments

Working directly under the Office of the Chief Executive Officer are the following departments:

Legal Affairs Department

The department review regulations and contracts, study legal aspects of different issues, provide necessary legal consultancy required to ET and its affiliated subsidiaries.

It also adopts policies to achieve the highest levels of governance and its applications, aspects of protection against risks of all kinds, internal audit procedures, ensuring the company’s rights – and that of its employee – are fully upheld at all times, in accordance with applicable laws, and the dissemination of legal awareness among employees.

Risk Management Department

The department contributes to supporting the efforts and plans of the top management in achieving the strategic goals and adding important value to the activities and operations by implementing the best global and local practices in risk management.

It is responsible for formulating policies, procedures and methodologies for risk management, in addition to monitoring the practices implemented in this regard in the administrative units and ensuring their compatibility with the approved policies and methodologies.

To this end, the department carries out a comprehensive risk assessment to identify high-level risks, formulate the recommendations to address them, update the risk matrix, follow up with the concerned units to ensure their mitigation, and submit reports on achievement ratios to the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors.

Internal Audit Department:

It undertakes the tasks of providing internal audit services, follow-up, consulting and tasks related to the various activities of the company in an effective, objective and highly professional manner, in accordance with international internal auditing standards, and in coordination and supervision by the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

It is tasked, mainly, with submitting reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of business activities to the Audit and Risk Management Committee and assisting senior management in taking the appropriate decisions to develop procedures and strengthening internal controls over them.

In this context, the Internal Audit Department periodically issues complementary methodologies to its work, as well as indicators to measure the audit outputs and their impact, to ensure the extent of commitment of the various organizational units in addressing shortcomings and strengthening internal controls.


Independent Investment Entities

A group of companies, with an independent legal status, managed through their boards of directors, in which Emirates Transport owns no less than half of the capital, and they are:

Emirates Facilities Management Company

A company specializing in facility management services and is a unique alliance between Emirates Transport and Etisalat Facilities Management (EFM), a subsidiary of Etisalat. The company provides services including cleaning, maintenance, security, and gardening. It targets the federal government sector.

Reyama Taxi

Is an ET associate company, in partnership with Fujairah Transport Corporation. It manages and operates taxis and provides and rents cars and bus in the Emirate.



Emirates Security Services Company

The company offers general security services to public and private companies across the UAE, through qualified staff with long-standing security experience. The company operates in partnership with Mondial Security Services, in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Transport Technology Solutions (ETTS)

A company specializing in transport-related technology solutions and systems and offers its services to a wide range of clients. It aspires to become the best in providing vehicle tracking systems for management of land transport, transport solutions for university students, smart traffic system applications, traffic route and tariff management systems, and remote and satellite tracking systems.

The Saudi-Emirati Company for Integrated Transport

A company equally owned between Emirates Transport and the Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO), specialising in school transport and related services.