A word By the CEO

Dear visitors,​​​

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new website of Emirates Transport, which represents one of the most important and effective tools of communication with our strategic partners, clients, the various institutes and individuals in the state, as well as the corporation’s own employees. This step is in keeping with the information and 
communication revolution, and in consistence with the steady development of our services portfolio, offered in the transport sector in the state, which has seen noticeable qualitative steps since the founding of the corporation in 1981.

The new look of our website, with interactive qualities, makes it a comprehensive stage for the provision of services, which is rich in information, multi-purpose and offering simple and fast navigation.​​

Such traits make the new site more suitable for modern technology applications and purposes and better complements our other communication and media tools.

We were keen that the new site provides you with an extensive space for communication, by informing you of the latest activities and achievements of the corporation and presenting you with existing and new services.

A new, effective channel of communication is now open through the new site, through which we can receive your thoughts, comments, suggestion and complaints.

We are confident that this site will provide a real boost to the efforts of the UAE government in creating an effective electronic environment, and add a new dimension in implementing our vision of a safe transport environment, in line with international standards.​
We hope you have an enjoyable and beneficial experience.  

Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)