Acting Chief Executive Officer

Dear visitors,​​​

I am pleased to welcome you to the new website of Emirates Transport, which represents one of the most important and effective tools of communication with our strategic partners and clients, and all the institutions and individuals within society, as well as the company’s own employees.

We are constantly looking to develop this platform, in line with the best practices in electronic and smart communications with clients, and in line with the steady development of our services portfolio, which has seen noticeable qualitative steps since the founding of the company in 1981.

This is in line with our continuous endeavour to sustain success and exceed the goals of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, and diligently implement our initiatives and projects.

You will find in this platform interactive features, which lists all our services and the means to obtain them, while preserving the richness of information and the diversity of tools. We were keen to provide fast, easy and safe browsing options that are compatible with modern electronic applications, in a manner that integrates positively and effectively with the rest of our communication and media tools.

The site provides you with periodic updates of the company’s business, activities and results, informing you of current and new services and the ability to request them electronically, and providing a vital channel to receive your comments, suggestions and complaints. All of this contributes to achieving common interests and reaching a high-end and distinguished service that meets the needs of our customers, enhancing their trust in us and establishes a renewed and sustainable relationship based on the principles and values of the company.

Faryal Tawakul
Acting CEO of Emirates Transport

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