Public Schools Transport Services

The Emirates Transport Center of School Transport, and through its subsidiaries nine branches deployed throughout the state, provide school transport services for all students in public schools according to its agreements with the Ministry of Education and the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

The corporation transports more than 200 thousand students across 3,574 school buses, which pick-up students at 120 thousand collection points. These buses undertake 5,445 daily return trips, travelling to 690 public schools and covering 60 million kilometres a month.

The provision of this service centres on the importance of school transport, which is considered an influential element in the system of mass transport in the state, and the need to provide a comprehensive service to include not only the regular daily transport for public schools, but also transport for school trips and for the use of summer and evening youth centres.

The corporation provides this comprehensive service while implementing the highest standards in school transport safety to be applied on school buses, and through the training of drivers and bus supervisors and spreading awareness among students and parents.