Emirates Transport’s Call Centre received 33,000 calls in 2020


Marketing and Communications Department – Dubai:

The Emirates Transport (ET) Call Centre announced that it had received 32,848 calls during 2020 and achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

Mohammed Al Fassed, Manager of the Sales Excellence Department at ET, said that the Call Centre represents one of the most important and effective channels of communication with the Company’s customers, partners and the public in general.

He stated that the subjects of the calls received included general inquiries about transport and vehicle disinfection services, as well as queries on HR matters and Covid-19 measures.

The Manager of the Sales Excellence Department added that Emirates Transport performs real-time monitoring of performance and performance-related indicators of the various ET centres, and carefully monitors the volume and nature of incoming calls, through continuous data analysis, in addition to strengthening and providing all communication teams with updated information.

Marwa Abbas Mohd, Senior Manager of Customer Service, said that the Call Centre responded to 94.3% of all incoming calls and replied to 4,800 e-mails from customers and the general public, which helped it achieve a 96% rate for customer case resolutions.

She added that ET customers can contact the Company through the ET Call Centre on toll-free number: 8006006 or E-mail: ETCares@et.ae .

She pointed out that the Call Centre’s employees are continuously subject to training programmes in customer services, in accordance with the best international practices, in order to ensure excellence and effectiveness in providing services that exceeds the aspirations of customers and achieves their happiness.

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