Emirates Transport signs contracts to provide CAFU with 400 trucks


Emirates Transport (ET) signed a major agreement to supply CAFU, the region’s first on-demand fuel and vehicle service provider, with 400 special specifications trucks for a contractual period of six years, with a total contract value of approximately 300 million dirhams. 

The contract was signed at Emirates Transport’s head office in Dubai by ET’s CEO, Alex Rentier, and Basil Hovakeemian, CEO of CAFU, in the presence of Tariq AlSedawi, Sales Director at Emirates Transport, and Ramez Hamdan, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Industrial Equipment (Famco & Commercial Vehicles), along with several managers and employees from both parties.  

Commenting on the signing, Alex Rentier stated: “We are proud of this achievement, which reaffirms the indisputable capabilities and expertise of Emirates Transport as a leading provider of transport, leasing, logistics and auto services and reflects the company’s trusted reputation among partners and clients alike’.

The ET CEO also praised the special partnerships that developed between Emirates Transport, CAFU and Al Futtaim Motors’ FAMCO, which can bring real returns for all companies, and improve their competitive positions and market shares, as well as improving the level of services provided to end-customers.

Tariq AlSedawi, Head of Sales at Emirates Transport, stated that – under the current agreement – the trucks will be delivered in several stages, confirming the delivery of the first batch, which consists of 150 trucks, was already underway, while the remaining number will be delivered in 3 stages. He added that the trucks are equipped with highly specified fuel tanks and systems, notably in terms of security and safety, in line with the highest international standards in this sector.

Commenting on the successful partnership, Basil Hovakeemian, CEO of CAFU also said, “We are thrilled to continue our successful partnership with Emirates Transport, Al-Futtaim Motors and HINO as we continue to expand our fleet with the deployment of 105 HINO 300 Series Light-Duty trucks. These trucks have proven to be the backbone of our fuel delivery operations, enabling us to maintain our position as the world’s leading global fuel delivery and vehicle services platform. The durability, versatility, and exceptional ‘Total Support’ aftersales concept of HINO trucks have made them a trusted and reliable partner for our company.”

Ramez Hamdan, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Industrial Equipment (Famco & Commercial Vehicles), commented on the milestone moment, “HINO trucks are known for their durability, versatility and famed ‘Total Support’ aftersales concept in terms of service contracts and spare parts availability, making them the trusted partner for companies. We are very pleased to see HINO becoming the backbone of the booming fuel delivery sector. We take this opportunity to thank our partners for their trust in our trucks and confirm our commitment to deliver our dedicated aftersales Total Support solutions”.

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