Emirates Transport participates in ‘A Day Without Accidents’ campaign


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) participated in the traffic safety campaign organized by Dubai Police under the title “A Day Without Accidents” with the aim of maintaining the safety of road users and educating them about traffic rules.
This comes within the context of ET’s keenness to participate in various social events and campaigns, and to promote practices that comply with international and local standards in the safety and preservation of the environment and the society and raise awareness of traffic safety standards among all sections of society.
Khalid Shukur, manager of ET’s Department of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, said that the Corporation is keen to participate in community events, as well as to support and enhance the strategic partnership between the various entities, as one of the leading government institutions in providing school transport services in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety, and with more than 36 years of experience.  
Shukur explained that ET participated in the campaign “A Day Without Accidents” by raising awareness of the importance of the campaign and its objectives through the dissemination of awareness messages in the Corporation’s internal communication network, in addition to urging employees to participate in the campaign through the official registration at the site of the General Command of Dubai Police.
He also pointed out that, in conjunction with the campaign, there has been an intensifying in training programmes for drivers, especially before the beginning of the academic season to ensure the reduction of traffic accidents, and also the distribution of awareness leaflets on traffic safety for road users.

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