Emirates Transport Call Centre receives 22,000 calls since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

The Emirates Transport (ET) Call Centre (8006006) has received approximately 22,000 calls since the start of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in March, it was revealed.

Marwa Jabr, head of the Customer Happiness Section, stated that the Call Centre also received 2,522 emails during the same period.

Jabr indicated that the ET Call Centre is one of the main channels that the company has allocated to communicate with its clients, individuals, partners and the wider community, as the company is always keen to receive feedback to improve its services.

She said: “Our call centre is ready to receive your comments and inquiries about our services, seven days a week, and we strive to respond to your queries and comments in a professional, efficient and timely manner”. 

The head of the Customer Happiness Section said that Call Centre employees are trained to deal with all type of enquiries and are required to respond to them within a specific period of time and in a professional manner consistent with the best practices and standards of excellence.

Jabr added that Emirates Transport performs real-time monitoring of performance and performance-related indicators of the various ET centres, and carefully monitors the volume and nature of incoming calls, through continuous data analysis, in addition to strengthening and providing all communication teams with updated information.

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