ET’s auction centre sells 4,448 vehicles in 2019


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Al Wataneya Auctions, a subsidiary of Emirates Transport (ET), has reported the sale of 4,448 used vehicles during 2019.
The sales represent a 11.4% increase on sale figures in 2018, reflecting a healthy improvement in the used cars sales market.
The sales were carried out through 50 online auctions with the participation of 20,550 bidders.
Salman Mohammed Ibrahim, manager of Al Wataneya Auctions said: “The types of vehicles sold include industrial-purpose vehicles, pick-up trucks, four-wheel drive vehicle, saloon cars and buses”.
He pointed out that Al Wataneya Auctions provide their own auto mechanical services team tasked with assessing the technical conditions of auctioned vehicles, before preparing detailed reports for bidders, giving them an accurate assessment of the vehicles on sale.
Salman stressed that the e-auction service is available with full transparency, and is easily accessible to all categories of the public, pointing out that it encourages the active participation of various segments of the target audience.

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