ET’s Al Wataneya Auctions Centre sells 2,400 vehicles since start of year


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Al Wataneya Auctions, a subsidiary of Emirates Transport (ET), has reported the sale of 2,400 used vehicles between January and August, up 5% on the same period of last year.
The vehicles were made available to the general public through 32 online auctions and included units from ET’s own fleet as well as vehicles from a range of public and private sector entities.
Salman Mohammed Ibrahim, manager of Al Wataneya Auctions, also revealed that the Centre has signed 66 new and renewed contracts with clients in the same period.
He stated that the types of vehicles sold include industrial-purpose vehicles, pick-up trucks, four-wheel drive vehicle, saloon cars and buses.
He pointed out that Al Wataneya Auctions provide assessments of the technical conditions of vehicles through their own auto services team, before preparing detailed reports for bidders, giving them an accurate assessment of the vehicles on sale, adding that the auctioned vehicles come with maintenance record and warranties.  
Salman stressed that the e-auction service is available with full transparency, and is easily accessible to all categories of the public, who can inspect the auctioned vehicles at ET’s stations in Juwaize’e, Sharjah and Musafah, Abu Dhabi.

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