ET taxis complete 507,000 airport trips in Abu Dhabi in first 11 months of 2017


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
The Emirates Transport (ET) taxis carried out 507,645 trips to and from Abu Dhabi Airport, in the first eleven months of 2017, it was revealed.
Waleed Al Muhairi, executive director of ET’s Transport and Leasing Division, said that ET’s airport taxis provides 24/7 service and comprises a 200 strong state-of-the-art car fleet, including Mercedes Vito at terminals 1 and 3 and Toyota Camry at terminal 2. 

Al Muhairi pointed out that the taxi service is carried out through 322 well trained drivers.
The executive director of ET’s Transport and Leasing Division added that the services also included 575 trips for people of determination and the elderly stating that the vehicles are equipped with the highest standards of comfort and safety to serve these two categories.
He said: “The taxis have all been equipped with cutting-edge safety and security features, offering commuters an exceptionally convenient travelling experience. To ensure all family needs are addressed, the cars had their interior elegantly redesigned and retrofitted, allowing more space for baggage. In addition, they are equipped with an online tracking system, speed limiter and updated GPS facilities. Vehicles for people with special needs and the elderly are also available.”
In October last year, Emirates Transport launched the first phase of the UAE’s “Emirates Taxi” operations in Abu Dhabi, to become the latest company to join the group of operators operating taxi services for passengers in the emirate.

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