Esaad card delights employees of Emirates Transport


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) has presented its employees with the Esaad card, the loyalty programme from Dubai Police which offers members exclusive discounts and promotions by a cross section of establishments from the public and private sectors.
The move is part of the continuous cooperation between Emirates Transport and the General Directorate of Dubai Police, and strengthens the strategic partnership between the two parties.
Hanan Mohammed Saqer, executive director of Corporate Services at ET, said that offering employees of the Corporation the Esaad card comes in line with the ET’s adopted happiness strategy, and aims to enhance the positive energy of employees in the administrative category, and to amplify their happiness, optimism and love of work.
The executive director of Corporate Services said: “The importance of this initiative comes in promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility, spreading happiness and positivity in the work environment, and encouraging employees to redouble efforts in customer service, which will reflect positively on their efficiency and productivity.”
For his part, Abdullah Mohammed Hassan, manager of the Government Communications Department, said that since the beginning of the year Emirates Transport has adopted an innovative package of internal and external initiatives that contribute to the achievement of employee and community happiness.
He added that the benefits of the Esaad card will contribute to the well-being of employees and their families, and help employees achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives through discounts on services and products by more than 5,500 businesses in different sectors including health, education, travel, eateries and others.
The manager of the Government Communications Department said that Dubai Police held a workshop for ET employees to explain and introduce the benefits and advantages of the programme and the conditions and mechanism of use.

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