Emirates Transport wins the RoSPA award for fleet safety

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport (ET) received the Silver Fleet Safety Award of RoSPA, in the Health & Safety Awards category, granted from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – RoSPA.

Hanan Saqer, executive director of the Corporate Services, said the win comes in honour of ET’s continuous efforts in enhancing safety system procedures and standards in all its operations, and its commitment to safety as a prominent institutional and strategic value.

Saqer added that the award reflects the success of ET’s health and safety plans and efforts despite the challenges and the nature of the company’s huge fleet, which amounts to about 30 thousand vehicles, and the volume of its business and services, which stands at 8 main services and 26 sub-services.

She stated that the new award adds to the record of achievements and successes of Emirates Transport, and heralds a brighter future in the transport sector and technical and logistical services in the country.

The executive director of the Corporate Services said: “This success confirms the performances of employees which brims with efficiency, quality and professionalism, and the company’s commitment to specific regulations, specifications and standards adopted throughout its history that extends for more than 39 years.”

Saqer noted the continuous efforts made by ET in establishing a culture of transport safety among its employees, as it continues to organize a series of programmes, initiatives and events to promote safety standards in various languages, including Arabic, English and Urdu.

Field visits are also organized for the teams of auditors of the Integrated Management System at the various sites of the company throughout the country to ensure its adherence to these standards.

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