Emirates Transport vaccinates more than 90% of its school transport drivers against Covid-19


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport (ET), the largest school transport provider in the country, has announced that vaccination rates have exceeded 91% for drivers working in government schools transport, and 93% for drivers working in private schools transport.

Meanwhile, 73% of school bus supervisors working in government school transport have also received the vaccine, compared to 85% of supervisors working in the private schools transport.

Feryal Tawakul, Executive Director of the Shared Services Division, said that the vaccination drive also included hundreds of administrative staff, confirming that the employee vaccination campaign is running smoothly and diligently, with the latest vaccination data entered into the company’s human resources systems including dates and confirmation of each administered dose of the vaccine for each employee. 

Tawakul said: “The employee vaccination campaign is a continuation of the broad response that Emirates Transport has undertaken since the beginning of the pandemic, which included many preventative measures to protect the company’s customers and employees, such as regular disinfection of all facilities and transport vehicles, regular PCR tests for employees and implementing social distancing in all work locations.”   

She added that the ongoing vaccination campaign takes place through several stages, with priority given according to the nature of the tasks and jobs performed by the employee.

Tawakul also confirmed that 10,740 employees have already received at least one dose of the vaccine, representing 73% of those targeted in the first phase, most of whom are workers in school transport.  

The Executive Director of the Support Services Department expressed her sincere thanks to all the partners and work teams overseeing ET’s vaccination initiative for their cooperation and continued support. She also praised the sense of responsibility and the high health awareness of the company’s employees, demonstrated by their commitment and discipline to the vaccination operations.

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