Emirates Transport reveals 0% serious accidents in school transport in first half of 2018


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) revealed that the quarterly traffic accident statistics recorded for its fleet of vehicles, including school transport, has shown a decrease in accident rates during the second quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter.
Eng. Abdullah Al Kindi, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Transport, honoured school transport branches and business centres for achieving the reductions of accident indicators during a special ceremony held at ET’s head office in Dubai.
The results of the second quarter of 2018 indicate an 80% decrease in the overall number of medium level accidents recorded in ET’s fleet, and a decrease of 50% in the category of serious accidents, compared to the first quarter of the same year, noting that The school transport fleet in Emirates Transport has not recorded any serious incidents during the previous two quarters.
Al Kindi pointed out that despite the growth in the number of vehicles, services and customers of the Corporation, and its wide geographical spread in various parts of the country, it has achieved a decrease in the percentage of traffic accidents. This confirms the continuous work that goes in the development of ET’s transport services.
The ET Chief Operating Officer added that the Emirates Transport Training Centre plays a vital role in achieving and supporting these development efforts as it trains all drivers of the Corporation using specialized training programmes.

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