Emirates Transport reveal 10% growth in the refrigerated food transport fleet


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport (ET) revealed that its fleet of refrigerated food transport vehicles increased by 10%, reaching 1,500 vehicles in Dubai and Sharjah, compared to about 1,360 vehicles at the end of the first half of last year.

Tariq AlSedawi, Head of Sales in the Zone for Dubai and Sharjah, explained that refrigerated transport vehicles have become an important part of the company’s fleet of vehicles and used to provide services to major companies, various stores and e-commerce sites as well as restaurants and food companies.

AlSedawi pointed out that, during the first half of this year, Emirates Transport has managed 12 contracts to provide refrigerated transport services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, reflecting the steady growth in the parcel distribution, food and e-commerce sectors, which has witnessed a big boom under the current and exceptional circumstances caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Head of Sales in the Zone for Dubai and Sharjah also stated that Emirates Transport provides its customers with a package of rental vehicles and motorcycles services dedicated to meeting their needs in the food sectors such as restaurants, shopping centres, storage warehouses, wholesalers and retailers. The company provides these services through 5,000 different vehicles, including 900 motorcycles, 2,600 cars and 1,500 refrigerated trucks.

He stressed that all transport services are carried out according to the best technical conditions and health standards approved by the relevant authorities, especially food transport vehicles that apply the best international food safety standards during transport operations.

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