Emirates Transport launches “School Transport Week” in preparation for the new academic year


Emirates Transport (ET), the largest provider of school transport in the UAE, launched yesterday (Monday) its annual intensive training programme “School Transport Week”, as part of its preparations to welcome the new academic year 2022/2023, which begins next week.

The week-long event will see the implementation of a package of training programmes and awareness lectures and activities for thousands of bus drivers and school bus supervisors at various ET work sites throughout the country, in cooperation with a number of government and private entities.

Jasim Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of School Transport at Emirates Transport, said that the initiative seeks to ensure a successful and effective delivery of transport services for all students in schools, colleges and universities on the first day of academic year, and that the dedicated work teams are fully prepared to carry out the work tasks and ensure that all requirements of the school transport service are met.

He pointed out that, during the initiative, all bus drivers and supervisors will be enrolled in intensive refresher training and awareness courses with the aim of enhancing their skills and capabilities, and reminding them of the rules and procedures required to provide safe and efficient transport services of the highest standard.

The training will cover a wide range of areas such as student safety procedures, elements of safe driving, first aid and emergency bus evacuation.

The week will also see intensive trial runs of buses on their assigned daily routes to and from government and private schools all over the country.  

Al Marzouqi also stated that the company has completed all plans to ensure the readiness of the transport fleet serving the education sector, including the completion of preventive and periodic vehicle maintenance operations, and ensuring that all the security and safety systems on school buses are fully operational, in addition to meeting all the precautionary and preventive health measures required by the relevant authorities in the country.

It’s worth noting that – for the upcoming academic year – Emirates Transport will provide school transport service for 170,000 students studying in 504 government schools, using 4,161 buses, 4,200 drivers and 4,500 bus supervisors.

In addition, a further 54,794 students will be transported to 122 private schools through 2,256 buses and 2,256 drivers, whilst the number of transported students from universities, colleges and other educational institutions stands at more than 16,000, with more than 800 buses and 800 drivers allocated to provide the service for them.

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