Emirates Transport adopts smart technologies to manage a fleet of more than 36,000 vehicles


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport (ET) revealed that is managing a huge fleet of more than 36,200 vehicles distributed throughout the country by applying the best global business models and practices in the field of fleet management.

Abdullah Rashid, manager of the Fleet Management Unit at Emirates Transport, said that the size of the fleet that the company owns, the great expansion of its business and the diversity of its commercial activities dictated the creation of an administrative unit dedicated to the management of the fleet.

The Unit adopted the latest technologies and global best practices, in line with the ET’s digital and smart transformation initiatives, and its strategic values ​​related to innovation and future foresight.

Rasheed pointed out that the practices applied in managing the Emirates transport fleet contribute to increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs through the optimal utilization of the company’s resources.

Rasheed added that the success and growth of Emirates Transport reaffirms the efforts it is making, especially in managing fleet systems and safety, by applying modern technologies in planning and programming the work of transport fleets.

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