Business Development Division

The Division consists of: Information & Competitiveness Centre, Tenders & Contracts Department, Marketing Department, Projects Development Manager, Business Assessment Department, and the Business Development Department

Business Development Department

Implement approved strategic & operational plans of Business Centres in high efficiency, discuss & develop expansion & diversification opportunities across different business activities, revenue sources, management of investment projects, and develop plans necessary for Business Centres development. 

Business Assessment Department

Assess & develop performances of ET Business Centres, evaluate their financial position and contribution to annual budget, assess results of business contracts and current projects for renewal and feasibility of its operation.

Projects Development Manager

Prepare feasibility studies, plans & financial forecasts for different projects, related investment plans, finance sources, highlight service sectors, follow up opportunities available to develop & create additional projects. 

Marketing Department

Develop marketing strategies & tools; promote ET services across different investment centres & projects to various customers, for the promotion & development of business growth.

Tenders & Contracts Department

Develop & review pricing policies for ET services, follow up processes required for service pricing through study of data & inputs for required services according to customer requirements & conditions.

Information & Competitiveness Centre

Implement necessary operations for the collection & analysis of information, develop database, follow up variations, prepare analytical reports, highlight specifications, distribute information, follow up implementation of statistical data, and supply orders submitted to Centre, according to information specifications.

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