Al Jarman ‘The youth represent a positive energy that moves a society to a better future and a life’

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
On the occasion of World Youth Day, which falls on August 12th each year, Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, general manager of Emirates Transport (ET), stressed that youth are a positive energy and a key element on which countries and institutions build their success and strive to reach a better future and a better life.
Al Jarman said that the UAE, with its wise leadership and successful government, has always been keen to create an ideal environment for investing in the potential of the youth and developing their capabilities and qualifications, and has succeeded in creating productive leaders.
He added: “Young people represent the vast majority of the Arab population. They are better able to change their reality for the better if we redirect their passion and energy towards the right goals, instil hope and opportunity for them, and take their hand to attain their position at the forefront of every field that serves their country and nation, and the whole world.”
The general manager of ET called for the establishment of such an approach, and to exert more efforts at the level of both governmental and private institutions in order to enhance the presence of these energies and give them more roles and confidence to engage in the broad economic and social development process witnessed by the State.

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