40 buses from the Emirates Transport transporting 550 students with special needs


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) ensures the utmost comfort and safety when transporting the students of centres catering for people of determination through buses which are specifically designed to transport this important segment of the community.
According to Abdul Gaffar Mohammed Yousef, manager of the Government Transport Centre at ET, the federal transport corporation has allocated specially equipped buses to transport people of determination, in various regions of the country, as part of the initiative “Arrive Safely” which was launched in 2013 in cooperation with the Ministry of Community Development.
Yousef added that the Corporation is keen to provide all the comforts that ensure the safe and orderly transport of the passengers on a daily basis, and to provide them with all means of care.
He stressed that Emirates Transport has implemented the best specifications and standards in the buses which are fitted with wheelchair lifts and side arms and include a diverse library of books and games, in addition to monitors to show entertaining and educational programmes.
The buses are also equipped with a smart tracking system and internal surveillance cameras to help reassure parents during the trip to-and-from the care centre, added Yousef.  
The manager of the Government Transport Centre said that during the current year, ET provided 40 buses to transport 550 students with special needs to 6 rehabilitation centres affiliated to the Ministry of Community Development.

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