250 new school bus supervisors recruited by Emirates Transport for 2018_19 school year


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
250 school bus supervisors were recruited for the beginning of the 2018/19 academic year for kindergarten and primary level students, according to Jasim Mohammed Al Shair, manager of the School Services Centre at Emirates Transport (ET).
The new recruits boost the total number of school bus supervisors at ET to about 5,900 and they will work at various public and private schools throughout the country, stated Al Shair.
He said: “Emirates Transport is committed to developing its services, responding to market requirements, and meeting customer needs to ensure optimal business operations and to exceed customers’ expectations. The safety and security of the transported students is at the top of the list of priorities for the Corporation, as an imperative demand and a collaborative responsibility.
“In this regard, ET continuously seeks to develop its school transport operations by providing maximum comfort and safety for students on their daily trips to-and-from the school, to give peace of mind to their parents,” added the manager of the School Services Centre.
Al Shair explained that the federal transport corporation is keen to follow and apply the highest safety standards during school transport operations through the extensive training of transport and safety supervisors to fully carry out their duties.
He said: “School bus supervisors undergo an integrated “Training Bag” programme, which includes ten training courses at intermittent periods throughout the school year.
“The targeted courses cover occupational awareness and work ethics, traffic safety, emergency evacuation practice, firefighting basics, first aid training, dealing with children and people with special needs, as well as general customer service skills when interacting with parents and members of the general public,” added Al Shair.

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