More than 12,000 ET school bus drivers and supervisors receive Covid-19 prevention training

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport (ET) has revealed it has trained 12,165 school bus drivers and supervisor on Covid-19 preventative measures, within the framework of the precautionary and preventive measures adopted by the concerned authorities and strategic partners in the various emirates.

The employees received their training at the Emirates Transport Training Centre, which organised and delivered the training programme in cooperation with a number of government agencies.

Abdullah Al Madhani, manager of the Emirates Transport Training Centre, stated that ET was keen to develop new training material based on a comprehensive safety plan that was been put in place to raise awareness of Covid-19 for school transport bus drivers and supervisors. 

Al Madhani explained that the number of employees benefiting from the training programme included 6,914 school bus drivers and 5,251 bus supervisors and that is for the period until the end of November. 

The training programme was launched earlier this year with the aim of enhancing awareness of international health standards, the latest developments in Covid-19 related instructions and preventive measures, and as part of new requirements in promoting health care and the best ways to protect workers and customers against the virus.

The manager of the Emirates Transport Training Centre also stated that the training package for the Covid-19 prevention programme, intended for school bus drivers and supervisors, covered multiple topics including awareness of the virus and its symptoms, methods of prevention, means of reporting suspected infections, roles and responsibilities in addition to dealing with mandatory personal protective equipment on the bus.  

He added that the Emirates Transport Training Centre offers a wide range of other training packages for school bus drivers and supervisors including courses in civil defence and first aid procedures, dealing with students and parents, and emergency evacuation of the bus.

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