FAQ on Emirates Transport


1. How can I know the status of our payment as a supplier?

In order to know any information regarding the payment, you can call the Public Office in Dubai on 042854333. Your call will be directed to the Payments Department in the Financial Office.

2. What are the phone numbers of the main branches in the country?

Abu Dhabi branch                             025541114

Western Region branch                    028847228

Al Ain branch                                     037215202

Dubai branch                                     042854333

Al Sharjah branch                              065342212

Ajman branch                                    067481100

Central Region branch                      068822464

Ras Al Khaimah branch                    072282326

East Coast branch                             092220808

Or the answer may briefly be:

To contact any of our branches you can call the Communication Centre on 8006006 to get the help you need or to provide you with the right branch.

3.Where is Emirates Transport Public Office located?

The office is located in Dubai, Umm Ramool area, Marrakech Street, near the Roads and Transportation Authority’s Public Office.

4.How can I participate in the electronic auction?

You can participate in the electronic auction through visiting the website of the auction https://alwataneya.ae, create an account, and use it for auctions after paying the deposit value to activate the account.

5.How can I participate in sealed envelope auctions?

You can participate in sealed envelope auctions through increasing your personal auction, presenting your proposal, and placing it in a sealed envelope in the box of the auction centre, after paying for the deposit with one of the available methods.

6.How can I make sure of an employee’s data and salary certificate (for banks and banking institutions)?

To know any information regarding employees, you can contact the Public Office in Dubai on 042854333. Your call will be directed to one of the Human Resources’ employees who will in turn give you the information available.

7.How can I apply for a job?

You can apply for a job either through the website or through sending your CV to ETCares@et.ae or directly giving it to one of the branches or stations of the institution in the country.

8. How can I make an offer, introduce the company’s activity, or offer training for Emirates Transport’s employees?

Emirates Transport deals with the companies and institutions who registered as suppliers. Thus, if you wish to cooperate and deal with the institution as well as introduce your activities, please register as a supplier within the e-services on the website.

9. What is the salary of Emirati and non-Emirati supervisors?

The salary is determined during the interview depending on the educational certificates, certificates of experience and work.

10. What are the working hours for the headquarters of Emirates Transport?

The working hours for the Public Office of Emirates Transport are from Sunday to Thursday, from 7 AM to 3 PM.

11. How can I order a cab?

Emirates Transport manages and operates taxis through contracting with taxi companies. Among the most well-known companies are Speed Trans 06 7483030 and Riyama Taxi Company 092029132 / 092029150.

12. How can I register as a supplier in the institution?

Registering as a supplier in the institution can be done through three simple steps: creating an account on the website, filling the service request form within the e-services, which will give you a reference number for the request, and the last step is to visit the Public Office to pay the registration fees (AED 2,000 cash) after an initial approval via e-mail (for more details, you can contact the Communication Centre on 8006006)

13. What is the benefit and conversion price for vehicles to work with natural gas?

The project of converting cars to work with natural gas is one of the most important projects of a positive effect on the environment and finance. The institution is cooperating with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to convert vehicles to operate using compressed natural gas, which contributes to saving over 30% for the consumer. Prices for converting vehicles vary depending on the engine size and gas cylinder which will be set.

(For more details, you can contact the Communication Centre on 8006006.)

14. When will Traffic Safety Award results be announced?

The award will be announced after approving the crowning ceremony by His Excellency the Chairman of the Board.

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