Emirates Transport Call Centre received 7,888 calls since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

The Emirates Transport (ET) Call Centre received 7,888 calls during the interruption of services in most sectors due to the coronavirus pandemic between March and May, it was revealed.

Hanan Mohamed Saqer, Executive Director of the Corporate Services Department in Emirates Transport, stated that the centre also received 1,517 emails, noting that there was a gradual decrease in the number of incoming calls during March, April and May compared to January and February.

Saqer indicated that the ET Call Centre is one of the main channels that the company has allocated to communicate with its clients, individuals, partners and the wider community.

For his part, Mohammed Ali Obaid, Manager of the Operations Department at the company, stated that the Call Centre employees are qualified to deal immediately with incoming calls and respond to them within a specific period of time and in a professional manner consistent with the best practices and standards of excellence.

On the most prominent inquiries received by Emirates Transport through the Call Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic period, Obaid stated that most of the incoming communications, especially at the beginning of the crisis, were related to the disruption to school transport services provided by Emirates Transport after the Ministry of Education’s decision to adopt distant learning, as well as inquiries about the postponement of theoretical and practical driving lessons at the Emirates Transport Driving Institute.

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