Community-based Sponsorship Request

About the service:

Emirates Transport provides free transport services to community-based student activities, associations of public benefit activities, humanitarian institutions and those caring for people with special needs, as well as partners of the corporation.

It also provides care and financial support for student research and community-based programmes and activities, in addition to exhibiting free of charge adverts on school buses for awareness and community events.

We supply corporate partners, schools and community institutions with gifts and awareness publications for events, exhibitions and programmes targeting students and clients.

Service Requirements:

1- The concerned party must direct an official letter for the request of community-based sponsorship, detailing the type of service required.

2- The request will then be considered by the Government Communications Department.

3- Must be a certified organized with experience of organizing similar events.

4- The event must not be against the laws and regulations or the customs and traditions of society and public taste.

5- The organization must provide the terms and privileges of the sponsorship and seek to publicize it and highlight the name of the corporation. 

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