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In the past, people were moving from one place to another either on foot, or by using various means of travel, and as they moved across hills, plains and mountains they were often exposed to falls, drowning or burning due to the lack of safety means.

With the rapid developments in technology and modernisation since the beginning of the nineteenth century, the concept of occupational safety and health of employees and labourers as we see it today, did not exist. In those days, most labourers had to endure working conditions that were hazardous, at best, and in some cases, inhumane & Generations. Now, with the evolution of the concepts of workers’ rights, it has become lawfully, and ethically, mandatory for employees to provide high standards of occupational health and safety for their employees. Overall standards have increased so much that we have started to see performance markers such as annual and project statistics detailing the number of injuries and accidents at work sites. Something that caught my attention recently is the report of global happiness which uses 33 indicators to annually measure the level of happiness of peoples around the world, a number of which deal directly specific standards of health, including physical and mental health at the workplace, and life in general.
In the UAE, which topped Arab countries in the happiness index, we find that quality of life enjoyed by both citizens and residents, depends in large part on these aspects of occupational health and safety. We find the UAE government is very keen to provide all means of luxury, comfort and health to all people in the UAE as they represent the country’s true wealth for the present and the future. Thus, the UAE is truly a unique model for secure and stable society and a fine example to be followed. 

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