Vendor Award

Stemming from Emirates Transport’s vision and its strategic objectives in excellence and leadership, and its efforts to promote a culture of excellence among the concerned groups, the corporation has launched “The Emirates Transport Suppliers’ Excellence Award” in order to encourage suppliers to develop their business in a sustainable manner, ensure the continuous improvement of operations, raise the level of awareness and interest in the areas of social responsibility and raise the level of internal customer satisfaction and anyone who benefits from the services of suppliers.

Please read and review the manual of supplier Award by clicking …here

Conditions of the award

The award is specified for Emirates Transport’s accredited suppliers, who are registered in the United Arab Emirates and have been dealt with for over a year.

Award assessment Form

also for applying to the supplier award please find assessment form tool (word format) by clicking…here

 please fill this assessment form and attached it with the online application for this award below.

Applying for the award

After the Purchasing Department  invited the qualified companies to participate in the award, these companies have to respond to the call and express their willingness to participate, and download the self-assessment model.

You can upload the Award file ( Assessment form and supporting attachments all  in one zip attachment)

To apply for the award, click here.