E-Participation Policy

Ref: G.C/    /2013

Date: 19-12-2013

Corporate Services Sector

Government Communications Department

E-Participation Policy

We, in Emirates Transport, are keen on utilizing information technology and communication applications for ​​e-participation to achieve the best levels of effective communication with our clients, in a manner that reflects positively towards further development in services and improvement in performance.

The Corporation launched its own accounts on social networking sites, such as YouTube in 2008, and Twitter and Facebook in 2010, as well as Instagram, as a platform for communication with its customers keeping them updated on the latest news, services, activities and images.

We value your comments and opinions on our services in the fields of transport and auto technical services and we are happy to receive your constructive contribution and distinctive suggestions through the above mentioned platforms.

This article provides an overall guide on all aspects of use, by our valued customers, of the above mentioned channels of communications, so they can be used in a safe and effective manner to enhance and boost the efficiency of our services, according to the Government Services Quality Guide issued by the Emirates Government Service Excellence Programme.

This document is intended to provide a statement of our vision in providing electronic channels to communicate with of our customers, and to achieve mutual benefit, and meets the needs of the public in an accurate, immediate and systematic method, in accordance with the standards and guidelines contained in this document.

Vision:  The official portal for electronic communication with Emirates Transport by all segments of society, both individuals and institutions, on all aspects of the corporation’s services. 

Objective: To provide interactive channels of communication with clients. 

Our commitment: Emirates Transport is committed to giving all your electronic contributions the attention and care it deserves by referring them to the relevant department with the corporation, in accordance with the established procedures, and to reply in a methodical and prompt manner. 

Uses of posts: The Corporation has the right to use and re-publish the contributions posted by its valued clients, including comments and suggestions, which will be utilized in the improvement of services provided, development of policies, and decision-making in the way it deems appropriate. 

E-Participation channels:

Aside from non-electronic communication channels, you can contact us via the following means: 

Call Center: For any queries, to make any observation, or submit a proposal, you can contact our Call Centre on: 8006006

Opinion: You can contribute your thoughts and suggestions by filling out and posting this form.

Communicate with the GM: You can contact the General Manager of Emirates Transport through the site via theContact the GM page.

Polls: From time to time, the corporation will conduct opinion polls and electronic questionnaires to gauge satisfaction of the services provided, in order to develop and improve performances.

Blogs: You can follow blogs by members and clients of the corporation.

Facebook: The corporation has created its own page on Facebook in order to enrich and enhance communication with you.

Twitter: The corporation also has a Twitter account to keep you updated on the latest events and activities and to promptly receive feedback and suggestions, and respond at the earliest opportunity.

YouTube: An account has been created for the corporation on YouTube in order to publish all ET visual materials and awareness bulletins, and to receive your comments and opinions.

Instagram: ET has recently inaugurated its account on the social networking site instagram. Log on to see the latest photos of ET events and activities.

‘My Gov’ site: We can receive your suggestions and comments through the site of the UAE feedback gateway My Gov

Terms and Conditions: 

Although we encourage opinion sharing, and we accept suggestions by clients and visitors, and support the full application of the principles of transparency in decision-making and policies, we emphasize the following points:

  • Everyone will be allowed an opportunity to communicate with the corporation, but putting forward ideas and proposals must be done in a professional and civilized manner and in a constructive manner.
    • Contributors must refrain from expressing views, observations or comments unrelated to the content of the site or have no link to the activities of the corporation and its services
    • Contributors must adhere to the terms and conditions on the use of the Emirates Transport website.
  • The corporation is responsible for determining the set time of a debate, dialogue or correspondence on any subject or issue, and is entitled to stop receiving any comments or correspondence on the subject and keep archives after the expiry of the period specified, with the possibility of re-opening the debate on the subject, if and when we see fit.
    • Emirates Transport will review all contribution and comments received from clients through the appropriate official, before clearance for publication, and we reserve full rights not to publish any material or content that contains the following:
    1 – Material inconsistent with the UAE constitution, federal laws, and the regulations governing information security in federal entities and those relating to the fight against cyber crimes. 
    2 – Information that is undocumented or inaccurate. 
    3 – Content deemed a threat to security or violation of the privacy of others. 
    4 – Abuse of the divine religions and beliefs, the established norms and social etiquette. 
    5 – Use of inappropriate language. 
    6 – Discriminatory comments, content that violates legal rights or related to intellectual property.
  • This policy will undergo periodical review by the Department of Government Communications and updated in line with the developments and our strategic goals to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
    • The terms and conditions listed above have been inspired by:
  1. E-Participation Guidelines issued by the UAE Federal e-government.
  2. Cabinet Resolution No. 21 of 2013 regarding Information Security Regulation in Government Entities
  3. Federal Legal Decree No. 5 for 2012 on combating cyber crimes

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