Renting Vehicles for Government Institutions

Emirates Transport provide transport services for governmental institutions, both federal and local, through the provision of vehicles which enjoy high standards of comfort and safety, according to the specifications required by the government client.

The services also include the supply of qualified drivers with high levels of efficiency, and to the specifications set by the client. The drivers are regularly trained to update and refine their driving skills and increase their safety awareness.

These services, which are available through the Government Transport Centre, form an integrated and diverse portfolio of services that include: washing, maintenance and repair of vehicles, the supply of replacement vehicles at short-notice, supply of replacement drivers, and comprehensive insurance coverage for vehicles, drivers and all passengers, in addition to all fuel expenses being met by corporation.

The centre also supplies agricultural machinery through 50 various agricultural vehicles and mechanisms.

The service is currently offered to about 23 ministerial, federal and government agencies in the state, where as the centre employees 1,300 drivers and staff and about 2,200 vehicles of a variety of uses.​