ET transports more than 161 million tons of petroleum products

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) revealed it has transported more than 161 million tons of petroleum products as part of its services for companies working in the petrol, chemical and petrochemical fields.
Waleed AlMehairi, Executive Director of Transport and Leasing in Abu Dhabi, said that ET is keen to provide its services in the field of petroleum transport according to the highest standards in safety and quality through trained cadres qualified to meet the current and future needs of a number of distinguished clients in the country.
He stated that ET currently manages 12 contracts in the petrol field, through which it transports 1.6 billion litres of jet fuel and 16,000 tons of polyethylene and polypropylene, in addition to 51,000 tons of molten sulphur and 161 million tons of various petroleum products.
As a precautionary system, ET has prepared a contingency and crisis plan, in coordination with the various clients, to detail the procedures to be followed in case of an emergency, in accordance with the safety and environment requirements.
For his part, Abdullah Al Amri, Operations Manager for Abu Dhabi, said that ET operates 380 vehicles and employees 265 trained drivers, provides services to an elite group of companies operating in the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical fields. It manages, operates and maintains a fleet of heavy vehicles and tankers specialized in transporting of liquid sulphur, petroleum products and various other oil and gas material.