ET Training Centre provides training to 51,738 in 2019

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
The Emirates Transport Training Centre has trained 51,738 trainees in various fields, during 2019, it was revealed.
Most of the trainees were school bus drivers and supervisors working across the transport industry in the UAE.
Abdullah Al Madhani, manager of Emirates Transport Training Centre, said the trained employees, including drivers of buses and motorcycles, benefited from 218,781 hours of training.
The training programmes incorporated lectures and specialized workshops that covered several main categories including customer service, occupational health and safety, safety of vehicles, road and traffic safety, as well as issues related to specific transport operations such as taxi and limousine services.
Al Madhani noted that in addition to training drivers and school bus supervisors of Emirates Transport, the ET Training Centre provides training services to a number of government and private sector entities wishing to train their employees in the same fields.
The manager of Emirates Transport Training Centre added that the Centre is a member of the British Royal Society for Accident Prevention (ROSPA), joining the list of international training centres that are committed to the highest training standards and to the mission of preventing accidents and saving lives. The Centre is also accredited by the legislative bodies in the field of training at the state level.

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