ET to provide 260 buses for National day celebrations in Abu Dhabi


Dubai: Emirates Transport media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) will provide 260 buses to transport 15,000 participants who will take part in celebrations in Abu Dhabi marking the UAE National Day 47, in cooperation and coordination with a number of government agencies.
Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, ET general manager, said this initiative falls within the framework of community sponsorships provided by the Corporation and reflects its eagerness and pride in supporting such national events.
Al Jarman stressed that such activities in the field of social responsibility translates the vision of senior management of the corporation to strengthen its presence as an integral and active part in the community, and among its individuals and institutions, as well as strengthening the bonds of relationships with strategic partners and to strengthen the cooperation with them.
ET general manager expressed his appreciation of the trust granted to the Corporation by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in the transport services provided by Emirates Transport to transport the masses to the celebrations, stressing the ET’s readiness to again provide the service this year, with the same level of regularity and commitment shown during the celebrations held in previous years.

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