ET signed 30 auto services contracts in Abu Dhabi in 2019


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
The Auto Services Division of Emirates Transport (ET) in Abu Dhabi signed 30 new and renewed contracts with a number of government and private entities during 2019.
The contracts were for the provision of maintenance and repair services for 14,000 vehicles in the fleets of these establishments running for various periods of up to 3 years, according to Abdullatif Al Ansari, manager of ET’s Abu Dhabi Auto Services Centre.
Al Ansari expressed the ET’s delight in the trust and confidence shown by its clients, which it has established over many years of outstanding performance.
He added that last year ET succeeded in providing auto maintenance services to more than 14,000 vehicles, through 44 service centres throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The manager of ET’s Abu Dhabi Auto Services Centre pointed to the continued growth and expansion of the company’s activities, services, locations, facilities and fleet of vehicles, adding that this growth is accompanied by similar developments and diversification in terms of auto services provided.
He also highlighted how the Auto Services Division at Emirates Transport has achieved a significant leap in the level of its business and its revenues over the previous years, helped by a significant investment in infrastructure with the launch of a number of new auto services workshops throughout the country.
Al Ansari expressed his hope to achieve greater success in the future, in line with the ambitious strategic plans of the Corporation, and to meet the expectations of the contracting parties.

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