ET employees trained for situations of crises and emergencies


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Department
Emirates Transport (ET) has assessed the readiness of its work teams to deal promptly with emergencies, accidents and fires that may occur at the work site, with a mock evacuation that was carried out by the Transport and Rental Division in Abu Dhabi,  in cooperation with the civil defence authorities in the emirate.
Waleed Salem AlMehairi, executive director of the Division, said that the Corporation is keen to train its employees in the field of risks and accidents, within the framework of its emergency and crisis plan, and as part of its efforts to promote occupational health and safety in the workplace.
He added that this successful experience came as part of plans for emergencies of the various administrations and business centres at Emirates Transport, stressing the importance of conducting training and evacuation at least once every six months.
AlMehairi thanked the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence teams for responding quickly to the Division’s request to organise the mock evacuation, and for helping in identifying strengths and weaknesses during the evacuation process and issuing recommendations for better performances in future tests.  
The executive director of the Transport and Rental Division praised the role of civil defence authorities in maintaining the security and safety of individuals in the country, stressing their important role in preparing all parties to face all circumstances.
Emirates Transport is keen to carry out mock evictions at various locations, as it helps to measure the speed of response and readiness of the organization in dealing with emergency situations, as well as measuring the readiness and knowledge of its employees and customers in ways of dealing with similar incidents. 

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