ET conduct specialized training programs for school bus drivers and supervisors in preparation for the new academic year 2018-2019


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
As part of its continuous efforts to enhance and raise traffic safety standards, ET Training Centre, an investment arm of the Corporation, is preparing to conduct intensive specialized training and awareness programs for all drivers and supervisors in the run-up for the new academic year.
Mr. Bader Al Attar, Executive Director, Logistics Services Division, stated; The Corporation in its efforts to provide school transportation services per the highest standards of safety and discipline, is periodically working on qualifying its drivers and supervisors via necessary training programs and courses in various operations and processes in health, traffic safety, work ethics and dealing with students of different stages of study. This is to ensure maximum safety and security for our children in particular and the road users in general.
Al-Attar pointed out that during the academic year 2017/2018, ET Training Centre in coordination with the School Transport Division has trained 31941 trainees, of which 21686 are drivers and 10255 are female supervisors, in various specialized training programs including evacuation procedures and the use of emergency doors in school buses, first aid, fire extinguishing, awareness training programs on traffic safety, buses technical safety and how to deal with preventive maintenance systems and cases of sudden breakdowns on buses. The training involved dealing with the transfer of owners of concern (people with special needs), as well as awareness on the school transport legislations approved by various legislative authorities in the state, and programs on how to deal with students, endure work pressure and the response at times of emergency.
Al-Attar added; The training centre enrolled taxi and limousine drivers, petroleum transport drivers and logistics service drivers (from inside and outside the Corporation), drivers of all contracted Ministries, Federal and local agencies in addition to the school transport drivers and transport and safety female supervisors in its training programs. The training services at hand covers various specialized training areas such as traffic safety, official protocols, hospitality and dealing with VIPs, training on fire extinguishing using the smart fire extinguisher.
Mr. Abdullah Al-Madhani, manager of Emirates Transport Training Centre, stated; The centre was approved by the legislative authorities in the state and accredited by the British Association for Accident Reduction. The accreditation by more international organizations specialized in training is ongoing. The centre is characterized by its professional approach in preparing and designing specialized training curricula in all investment transport activities and management programs without reliance on ready made training programs downloaded via the web, but per the actual training needs of the client. Thus, achieving the maximum outcome of training objectives.

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