ET centre helps 1,577 trainees attain driving licenses in 2017

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
1,577 people successfully gained their driving licenses in 2017 after taking lessons at the Emirates Transport Driving Institute, according to manager Abdulla Abdul Rahman.
The Institute, a subsidiary of Emirates Transport (ET), trained 2,429 people in total for various vehicles, including saloons, buses and trucks, during the year.
Abdul Rahman said that the Institute is committed to its efforts in achieving the highest standards in the field of driver training and enhancing the levels of traffic safety by ensuring the application of the best international training standards and practices.
The manager of Emirates Transport Driving Institute added that the Institute provided various driver training services, covering different vehicles and procedures.
Abdul Rahman pointed out that the Institute represents a support to the training and rehabilitation system owned by the corporation, which includes a fleet of modern training vehicles, characterized for being environmentally friendly and working with natural gas.
The manager of ET Driving Institute stated that the institute provides an accredited and coordinated internal and external training environment to help the student gain the training skills faster.
The centre also provides eye examination and specialized training services in the field of accident prevention, traffic safety, occupational safety and customer service through qualified and certified lecturers and trainers.

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