ET auction centre launches its 31st auction of the year


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Al Wataneya Auctions, part of Emirates Transport (ET) group of business centres, has launched its 31st auction of the year, offering 185 used vehicles for sale.
The latest auction began early this week and will go on until Saturday the 22nd of September.
Salman Ibrahim, manager of Al Wataneya Auctions said that the sale features various types of vehicles including salon, 4-wheel drive, agricultural machinery and motorcycles.
Ibrahim pointed out that the e-auction service allows participation of various segments of the public, and from different parts of the world, and offers greater transparency and ease to the process.
The manager of Al Wataneya Auctions added that, through and smart application, prospective clients can find out the terms and conditions of the auction, view pictures of the vehicles on offer, find out vehicle’s details such as chassis and engine numbers, covered distance and other specifications.
Interested parties can also find out more about the auction and the vehicles on offer through the Centre’s Instagram account @alwataneya, as well as by calling ET’s toll-free number on 8006006.
Ibrahim said that since the beginning of 2018, 31 auctions were organized, in which 3,358 vehicles, motorcycles, machinery and equipment were sold, explaining that the participants in the e-auction reached 17,946 users since the beginning of this year.

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