Emirates Transport to make the wishes of employees come true on the day of happiness


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) has launched a series of initiatives aimed at employees and customers in conjunction with the celebrations of the International Day of Happiness, which falls on 20th March each year.
The corporation launched the “Make a Wish” initiative through which it aims to help some of its employees realize their dream. Another initiative on the day also granted special discounts to the first few customers of Emirates Transport Driving Inistitute.
Hanan Saqer, executive director of Corporate Services at ET, stated that the Corporation is committed to implement a series of initiatives under the slogan: “Always happy, not just for a day” to keep pace with the leadership’s directives in attaining the happiness and well-being of the community, and to enhance the UAE’s competitive advantage in the global happiness index, as well as ascertaining permenant happiness for its employees, customers and partners.
Saqer also pointed out that ET is keen to make its employees happy and enhance its internal environment, to generate a wealth of happiness and positive energy, adding that the Corporation is committed to more than 18 various initiatives throughout the year to achieve these goals. Some of these include: “ET Excellence Award”, “Support a colleague”, the “White Points System”, “Thank You”, “Well Done”, “Ambitious”, “Stars” and the “Umrah” initiatives. In addition to, the project of special privileges for employees which includes special discounts and offers on many services, and celebration of the local and international events such as “World Volunteer Day”, “Youth Global Day “, and other initiatives.
Explaining the initiatives in more detail, Saqer stated that the ET Driving Institute, a subsidiary business centers, provided special discounts for driving lessons to a selcet number of early customers, in an effort to achieve their happiness. She added that the Corporation also launched the “Make a Wish” initiative aimed at its employees, whereby the Corporation sent letters to all its employees requesting they reply with a wish they want fullfilled. Whereas a lottery will then be conducted to ascertain the wishes of 3 employees.
Its worth mentioning that Emirates Transport won an award in the category of “Customers’ happiness”, for one of the innovative projects, in the 11th  session of “Ideas Arabia Conference” held on April 2016. In addition to being ranked ninth among the “Top 25 Best Business Environment in Asia” which was revealed by the International Research Foundation for Training and Consultancy “The Great Place to Work” on February 2015.

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