Emirates Transport sets up medical clinic for employees


Emirates Transport (ET) inaugurated a medical clinic in its head office in Dubai to provide medical services to the company’s employees, in cooperation with Dubai Insurance Company and Novitas Healthcare.

The initiative is part of ET’s efforts to enhance occupational health and safety standards among its employees and to enhance the work environment, and it falls under the company’s corporate social responsibilities (CSR).    

The clinic was opened by Faryal Tawakul, Deputy CEO and Executive Director of the School Transport Division at Emirates Transport, and Abdellatif Abuqurah, CEO of Dubai Insurance Company, from Dubai Insurance Company and Kartik Thakrar from Novitas, in the presence of a number of managers and employees from both parties. 

The clinic will be staffed by a rotating team of doctors and nurses and is scheduled to open its doors daily between 8am and 3pm during official working days from Monday to Friday.

Commenting during the launch, Faryal Tawakul stressed the importance of the initiative, which represents a new qualitative asset that will serve and support the company’s employees and enrich its diverse CSR portfolio.

She said: “The launch of the clinic reflects the company’s keenness to adopt the best institutional practices and its full commitment to the highest employee health and safety standards, in addition to strengthening its established approach to empowering employees and enhancing their job satisfaction, and continuously developing the work environment,”.  

The Deputy CEO expressed her gratitude to Dubai Insurance Company for its role in opening the clinic, and her appreciation for the fruitful cooperation between the two parties.

Abdellatif Abuqurah, CEO of Dubai Insurance said: “This initiative would enhance the health care service for the company’s employees in their workplaces and presence, which confirms Emirates Transport’s keenness on the health and safety of employees and raising their productivity.”

Meanwhile, Najla Karam, Insurance Senior Manager at ET, said: “The clinic will provide its free services to all employees who have health insurance from Dubai Insurance Company, numbering 13,470 employees within the Emirates Transport family. The employees benefiting from the clinic belong to various administrative levels and work in various sectors and locations across the country,”. Karam also stated that the availability of the clinic will provide a wide segment of the company’s employees with a new option in obtaining appropriate health care more easily and quickly than before, especially basic health services that are now immediately available when needed. She confirmed the feasibility of expanding the initiative by launching other clinics in other ET work sites across the northern emirates, based on the impact and feedback of the new clinic.

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