Emirates Transport renews 4,208 used tyres since the beginning of the year


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) has renewed 4,208 tyres of various sizes since the beginning of this year, in a process known as retreading.
2,666 of the retreaded tyres were salvaged from ET’s own fleet of vehicles while the rest came from external clients from government and private agencies, according to Eng. Amer Al Harmoudi, Executive Director of ET’s Auto Services Division.
Al Harmoodi said that investment projects with a positive environmental impact launched by Emirates Transport have attracted wide interest and seen continuous growth.
He added that these projects, such as the ET Tyre Retreading Unit, fall in line with the government’s goals of achieving sustainable development by adopting green economy practices that help reduce carbon footprint and encourage recycling.
The Executive Director of ET’s Auto Services Division also stated that the ET Tyre Retreading Unit is considered the best facility of its type, in the region, in terms of specifications and production capacity.
On the benefits of the project, Al Harmoudi explained that renewing 50% of the damaged used tyres from its huge fleet would reduce the amount of environmental waste and carbon emissions of Emirates Transport, as well as saving on the costs of purchasing new tyres by about 30-40%.
It is worth noting that Emirates Transport has shown success in integrating investment goals with environmental and societal goals through its creation of a number of technical projects that keep pace with these trends, the most important of which are the dual-fuel modification of vehicles to operate on natural gas, the dry car wash service as well as the tyre retreading service.

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