Emirates Transport Receives a delegation from Saudi Arabia’s Tatweer


Emirates Transport Media Department
Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of Emirates Transport, received a high-level delegation from Tatweer (Educational Transport Services Co. in KSA) presided by HE Fahad bin Fawzan Alshaya (CEO) to explore the expertise of Emirates Transport in transportation and technical services.
The meeting was held at Emirates Transport headquarters in Dubai and attended by Eng. Abdullah Al-Kandi – Chief Operating Officer, Hanan Saqer – Executive Director of Corporate Services Division and Ferial Tawakul – Executive Director of Support Services Division; from Tatweer side Eng. Majed Al Otaibi – Operation General Manager, Badr Al Abdelkader – Planning General Manager, Abdulrahman Al Metairie – Technical Services General Manager, and a number of ET officials.
Mohammed Al Jarman welcomed the delegation and praised the importance of the visit in strengthening the strategic partnership relations between the two parties, especially in the field of school transport services. Al-Jarman stressed the importance of exchanging expertise that contribute in the development of transportation services provided to such an important community sector as schools, and in line with the government’s efforts to support and develop the educational process.  
Al Jarman reviewed the experience and expertise of Emirates Transport in the schools transport services which extends for nearly 38 years, explaining that the Corporation is continuing the implementation of approved systems by the international standardization and is abided by the specifications and legislation issued by the State competent authorities in order to provide the highest degree of comfort, safety and security for students and to maintain regularity in School trips, as well as organizing and holding special training programs for the rehabilitation and upgrading of drivers, field inspectors and the regular periodic maintenance programs for school buses.
Emirates Transport presented and introduced to the visiting delegation the procedures in place for managing the operation of the school transportation fleet, the technical electronic apparatus on school buses that ensure the safety of the daily transferred, as well as monitoring mechanisms of the bus routes. The meeting program included introducing a school bus model with all the technical specifications and smart system necessary for student safety and other services provided by Emirates Transport.
For his part; the visiting delegation presented a film of the services provided by Tatweer educational transport services in KSA and praised the efforts exerted by Emirates Transport in the field of schools transport. Fahad Alshaya expressed his admiration of the advanced level and successful steps executed by the Corporation in the various fields of transportation and its investments in the UAE and abroad. The meeting ended with the exchange of shields, memorials, group photos and a luncheon in honor of the visiting delegation.

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