Emirates Transport provides 58 service centres around the country for tyre safety checks and maintenance


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

Emirates Transport is keen to provide awareness and guidelines to the general public that ensure maintaining the high quality of tyres and their continuous compliance with safety specifications and workmanship standards, especially during the summer season.

Engineer Fadel Atallah, Technical Development Manager at Emirates Transport, stated that the company is keen to support and implement the best safety standards when providing services to a wide segment of society through its fleet of around 30,000 vehicles.

Regarding the most important instructions that a driver should follow before driving the vehicle in the summer, Atallah stressed the need to conduct daily checks of the four tyres of the vehicle to ensure that there are no side cracks, holes, swelling or uneven wear in the tyre. Drivers should also regularly check tyre pressure to ensure that the air pressure in the tyre complies with the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Atallah stated that Emirates Transport has provided 58 maintenance centres around the country, to provide tyre inspection, maintenance and replacement services if necessary, in addition to checking the balance and calibration of tyre angles with the vehicle to ensure the continuity high performance.

Emirates Transport also provide round-the-clock roadside assistance service that can reach any location in the country within 30 minutes after receiving the request through the call centre on 800 6006.

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