Emirates Transport presents its expertise on training and fleet management before a delegation from GDRFA-Dubai


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport received a delegation from The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai; The delegation visited the Corporation to farther promote the ties of mutual cooperation, exchange of experiences and learn about the best practices applied in different fields. Particularly in training and motivating drivers to abide by the regulations and legislations.
Abdulla Abdulrahman, manager of ET Driving Institute, stated; The visit reaffirms the depth of bilateral cooperation, partnership and the advancement of networking between the various government departments to ensure the integration and to achieve the approaches of the State especially in the field of exchanging experiences to attain the highest levels of excellence.
During the visit; Visual displays were presented on the drivers procedures and training systems and its contribution in reducing traffic accidents and raising safety rates. Projects and quality initiatives, were reviewed, on motivating and honoring outstanding drivers who are committed to the traffic laws. As well as the registration, insurance and leasing mechanisms and vehicle tracking systems.
At the end of the visit, the delegation from GDRFA praised ET efforts in providing comprehensive integrated services in the transportion sector, and the reflection of these efforts in contributing to the maximum safety and security of all transported and road users.

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