Emirates Transport participates in the International Seminar on Traffic Education in Tunisia


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) participated in the International Seminar on Traffic Education, which was held in Tunisia in the last week of April under the title “Experiences and Modern Approaches”. 
The event was organized by the Arab Organization for Traffic Safety, in cooperation with the International Organization for the Prevention of Road Accidents, and featured a number of traffic safety experts from around the world.
The Seminar aimed to highlight the various models and initiatives adopted in traffic education, and the role of institutions in raising awareness of traffic laws, regulations and instructions.
In recognition of the UAE’s position and its efforts in this field, Emirates Transport was invited to give a presentation on its experiences and efforts through a conference paper to a distinguished group of specialists in the field of traffic safety and training.
Abdullah Ali Almadhani, manager of the Emirates Transport Training Centre, gave the presentation on behalf of the Corporation in which he summarised ET’s experiences in enhancing safety levels of its school transport services including methods of educating students, drivers and school bus supervisors on traffic safety on the roads.
Almadhani praised the importance of the Seminar in highlighting and sharing the initiatives and practices adopted by different participants to reduce traffic accidents and thanked the organizers of the event for their efforts in holding the event.

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