Emirates Transport organizes awareness programme for 580 school transport drivers in Sharjah


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET), represented by the School Transport Branch in Sharjah, organized an awareness programme for 580 school transport drivers at the Palace of Culture in Sharjah in cooperation with a number of local authorities in the Emirate.
Adnan Al Zarouni, manager of the ET School Transport Branch in Sharjah, said that the programme presented a series of awareness lectures, in Arabic and Urdu, to ET drivers who provide school transport services to government and private schools in the emirate.
Al Zarouni stated that the lectures highlighted a number of preventive measures to be followed to ensure the security and safety of students during the transport process as well as other issues, such as the application of traffic regulations, dealing with emergency breakdowns and following daily auto inspection procedures.  
The manager of the ET School Transport Branch in Sharjah added that Emirates Transport is constantly working to train – and retrain – its drivers and qualify them to perform their duties to the highest standards, in accordance with the nature of the school transport operations they provide.
He added that the training also takes into account issues of ethics and codes of conduct governing how to deal with the various age groups of transported students.
Al Zarouni also pointed out that the Et Sharjah branch is keen to organize programmes and meetings with school bus drivers and supervisors to keep them informed of any complaints or other feedback from the public as well as any developments in the field of school transport.

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